Mission of Door County Buy Local

The mission of the Door County Buy Local program is to inform our community about the benefits of supporting local businesses.

Goals of Door County Buy Local:

  1. The Door County Buy Local Initiative encourages local business networking opportunities at monthly business mixers. Check the website for the schedule of upcoming events.
  2. A second priority is to educate the public about the economic value of keeping as many dollars as possible in Door County, along with efforts to share information about what services and products are available through Door County enterprises.
  3. A third focus is to encourage non‐profit, civic organizations and governmental bodies to do as much business as practical with Door County firms. Some municipalities and non‐profit organizations have already adopted formal policies on a local‐purchasing preference. The Buy Local Initiative will encourage more to do so as well.

Vision Statement of Door County Buy Local:

The Door County Buy Local program envisions a prosperous economic climate in which thriving locally owned and operated businesses and farms produce and exchange locally, as many products and services needed by Door County citizens as they reasonably can, assuring a secure, unique and resilient culture, economy and natural environment. Every citizen, whether employer or employee, is able to provide for his/her own needs and for those of his/her family. This will further position Door County as a desirable area to live, learn, work and play, enriching our communities for ourselves and future generations.



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